Archive of the Islamic Community

The Archive of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina is of a specific type as it was developed along with the activities of its institutions. The archives were developed in the period of 1882 to 2016. It represents a significant and rich data source for historical and scientific study of the Islamic Community.
The Archive is located in the Gazi Husrev-bey Library in Sarajevo, as a department of the Library. The archive currently contains thirteen funds and six archive collections, and certain number of varia – collection of archive documents of different format and from various periods. The funds are completely preserved, partially organized, and available for use. There are protocols and auxiliary archive books that can be useful for researchers. Majority of documents is written in Bosnian language while there are some in Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, German and other languages. In total, the archives in the depot occupy a space of 850 lineal meters, including 2.130 archive books. Quantity of archives, number of funds and collections, changes, depending on organizing, catalog processing and gaining new materials.


  1. Collection of mutawalliâs balance sheets and budgets, 1910-1971;
  2. Project documentation, socialist period;
  3. Medresas, 1892-1992;
  4. Imamats, 1936-1949;
  5. Collection of land registration books for the property of vakf and the Islamic Community, 1910-1911;
  6. Geographical maps, socialist period.


  1. State Vakf Commission for BiH, 1883-1894;
  2. State Vakf Commission for BiH, 1890-1895;
  3. State Vakf Directorate for BiH, 1895-1909;
  4. Ulama-majlis, 1882-1958;
  5. Vakf-Mearif Committee, 1909-1930;
  6. Vakf Directorate, 1930-1941;
  7. Vakf Headquarters in Sarajevo, 1941-1946;
  8. Vakf Directorate in Sarajevo, 1946-1952;
  9. Mufti units:
    1. Travnik, 1916-1930;
    2. Tuzla, 1916-1935;
    3. Mostar, 1916-1936;
    4. Sarajevo, 1916-1936;
    5. Banja Luka, 1916-1936;
    6. Bihać, 1916-1929;
  10. Regional Vakf-Mearif Directorate in Sarajevo, 1930-1941;
  11. District Vakf-Mearif Directorate in Sarajevo, 1941-1947;
  12. Supreme Islamic Council of the Socialist Yugoslavia, 1930-1992;
  13. Council of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1969-1978.


Archive books are related to protocols, financial and material operations of the institutions of Islamic Community from various periods. They are organized per years and per funds. Listed are 2.130 books covering the period of 1878 to 2016.