Congress hall and conference rooms

In addition to voluminous library funds that are available to students, researchers, and all interested citizens, Gazi Husrev-bey Library offers possibility of organizing scientific, cultural, religious and other manifestations, seminars, promotions, or meetings.


To this purpose, four fully equipped rooms are made available to meet any kind of such requirements – from large congress gatherings, press conferences, and specialized workshops to small business meetings. All conference rooms are air-conditioned and include the most sophisticated multimedia equipment suitable for any technical requirement. Additional advantage of usage of these rooms is that they are in the new building of Gazi Husrev-bey Library located in the heart of Baščaršija, within walking distance from major historical monuments and close to touristic and gastronomic attractions of the town.

Congress hall

The Congress Hall is furnished with over 220 comfortable armchairs, RFC audio conference system, four wireless microphones, 5.1 surround sound system, Full HD projector, air-conditioning, and a very rich lighting. Within the hall there are three cabins for simultaneous translation by which translating into three languages, at the same time, is made possible. Each seat has an auxiliary equipment with wireless headset.

On request, and with additional compensation, services of audio and video recording are available. Renting package of the Congress Hall includes technical support by one person in the audio/video cabin and one in the hall who may provide any technical assistance at any moment. The hall is covered by free wireless internet signal.

Also available are services of cafeteria located in a comfortable ambient of the Library lobby where participants in conferences can get coffee, tea or snacks.

Next to the Congress Hall there is a large foyer where participants may take rest during the breaks.

With the total of 220 seats, space for the media, and numerous technical advantages, this hall brings abundant possibilities for organization of large gatherings.

VIP room

Connected with the Congress Hall, the VIP Room is included in its renting arrangement with additional fee. It is characterized by specially adapted ambient intended for participants of plenary sessions who wish to hold separate meetings during the conference.

This room has 20 seats, two 50-inch plasma displays that can be used for live presentation of the conference in the Congress Hall. Laptops can be connected to the displays which can be used for separate presentations. The VIP Room also has a free wireless internet signal. In addition, the room has its own sound system by which speakers from the Conference Hall can be heard.

Medium conference room

Since there are frequent requirements for medium and small capacity conferences or meetings, this room with 70 seats is an ideal place for such gatherings.

It is equipped with three microphones, mixer with media connections, XGA projector, whiteboard, and free wireless signal.

Small conference room

The capacity of this room is 24 seats and is intended for ad hoc meetings, press conferences and other small gatherings. Technical equipment of this room includes two 42-inch plasma displays and a small portable whiteboard.

A distinctive characteristic of this meeting room is that one can see an interesting and beautiful view of the neighbouring Kuršumli Madrasah from the windows.

Protocol on the manner and conditions of renting conference rooms



 Public relations department of the Library shall develop an offer for conference room use, and provide additional information on rates and conditions.